Studio Policy

G & V Music Studio Policy

Professional music instructors typically follow a policy of tuition payment, cancellation, and make-up lesson guidelines. These guidelines are developed to help the studio run smoothly, so that instructors have the ability to focus on teaching, ensuring consistency and quality of study for all students. As a student with a reserved, weekly lesson, you are enrolled in the Studio, just as anyone attending a school or college. It is very important that you make every effort to have excellent attendance.



  1. Monthly tuition is due the last scheduled lesson of the previous month (i.e. March tuition is due on the last scheduled lesson of February).
  2. Lessons may be suspended and late fees of 10% per month may be applied if payment is not received before the third lesson of the month.
  3. Tuition is paid by the month, not the lesson, and G & V Music accepts cash only.


Cancellations and Make-Up Lessons

  1. If a student cancels a lesson for any reason, full lesson tuition is still due, and will not be credited to the following month. The student may or may not receive a make-up lesson.
  2. If the instructor cancels a lesson and is not able to schedule a make-up lesson, the student will receive a credit for the missed lesson.
  3. To be eligible for a make-up lesson, students must give forty-eight (48) hours notice of cancellation and must schedule the make-up lesson within 30 days of the canceled lesson.
  4. If a make-up lesson is not immediately available, the student will be placed on the Make-Up List, and will be offered a make-up lesson upon availability and on a first-come, first-served basis.
  5. Students may have only one make-up lesson on the Make-Up List at any given time.
  6. Make-up lessons will NOT be scheduled for canceled make-up lessons.



G & V Music is not responsible for the supervision of students outside the music lesson time. It is the parent’s or guardian’s responsibility to supervise and keep their children safe.


Discontinued Lessons

If a student intends to cease lessons, thirty (30) days advanced written notice is necessary. As a professional courtesy, G & V Music should have sufficient notice for discontinued lessons. (This will apply to students who decide to permanently cease lessons and not to just take off time for summer vacation, for example.)


Practice Expectations

Students older than 7 years old are expected to prepare for each lesson (and make weekly progress on) all parts of the written assignment. This requires a student to dedicate themselves to practice the piano / keyboard at home each day. Practice times will depend on our goals. Parents should ensure that children practice at least 3-5 days each week. Regularity is the key to long-term success.

  1. Holidays: The studio closes during major, but not all holidays. Important dates will be posted on this website. Holidays are unpaid therefore rescheduling is not offered.
  2. Illness: Please do not bring your children to piano lessons if they are contagious (with a flu or virus). I appreciate your consideration in helping me to maintain a healthy studio.


Ending Lessons

All students stop taking lessons at some point. In the best situations the termination of lessons is made as an agreement with plenty of discussion between the teacher, parent, and student so we can complete our time together with a positive sense of closure. If a situation arises in which a family must cease lessons mid-year (for example: moving), written notice is necessary (from the parent) in addition to one month of paid notice. When you register for lessons, please be dedicated to continuing from September through June. If there is a problem at any time, please talk to me so I can help make necessary changes. The journey of music study is full of ups and downs, I am very familiar with this process. Please keep the avenues of communication open and let’s have a pleasant time of musical education from beginning to end.



I occasionally take photographs or videos of students during lessons and performances for use in the studio scrapbook, advertising materials, lesson demonstration, and studio-owned websites. My studio celebrates all that technology and multimedia have to offer. This keeps piano lessons relevant and engaging to your children.

Any material that I post publicly highlights your child’s accomplishments, but you have the last word. If ever there is an image, video, or mp3 that you wish to have removed I will respectfully do so. The use of media helps students see how they have progressed and grown over time.


Staying In Touch

Please keep in mind that running a home-based business comes with necessary boundaries. You can help by following these simple requests:

  1. Email: This is the best way to contact me. If I receive work-related email over a weekend, I will get back to you on Monday.
  2. Phone: If you need to speak with me, I can take calls between 10:00 am and 1:00 pm on weekdays. I do not take phone calls while I am teaching. My phone number is included in your child’s notebook.
  3. Keeping in Touch: I use email to send out studio information and newsletters, please make sure that I have a current email address.